[200q20v] RE: S6 Today

Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 13 21:40:36 EDT 2001

Ummm....awful fate of buying an S4 vs. an S6????  I guess since the S4 has a
stiffer suspension (at least the '92's), a rear swaybar, and an oil pressure
gauge I don't understand what is worse about buying an S4 vs. an S6????  The
differences are soooo minor, other than one happens to be a newer model

The person who sold me my collector's level 87 5ktq a few years ago is
looking at a 1994 S4 with 58k miles tomorrow, and he called me to say that
he really would rather have an S6 but will probably buy the S4 because it
is there and available. Then he asked me to find him an S6 and save him
from this awful fate. He knows that I read these lists like an addict every

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