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I had the same problem with the popping, it definitely came from the compressor cycling on/off. There is a fix for this with a capacitor or resistor. However, I got my unit charged today and it doesn't pop any more, but the compressor just stays on and keeps me COOL>>>>>>>>

Oh yea!

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     Started getting intermittent popping from Bose unit in my '91 200 last winter.  Appeared to be related to high humidity days.  Thought it was the incendiary device on wheels syndrome - our rear speakers.  I just discovered that when I turn off my air conditioning (auto mode) the popping stops (AC blowing cool at best - appointment tomorrow ... hopefully just a low charge). It appears to pop after the clutch on the AC compressor is released.  Is there a fix for this ... an electronic filter gone awry?  I seem to remember a post that was related to the AC system and radio problems, but couldn't find it. Thanks,

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