[200q20v] h&rs for v8 or s4/s6 on 200q20v

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Thu Jun 14 11:36:13 EDT 2001

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Greg Amy wrote:

> Well, coilover suspension (http://www.bira.org/coilover.html) and stretching
> aftermarket springs both seems a bit excessive. However, there's another
> option. Do you have or do you plan to install Bilstein shocks? Bilsteins can
> be modified with grooves for the lower spring seat; I had a set done for my
> neu-S4 for $75. This way, you can adjust the height of the car using these
> grooves, and still get near the performance you want.
> But, you may find the slightly-lowered not too bad. I installed H&R springs
> and Bilstein Sports (http://www.gatm.com/Cars/200suspension.html) on my 200q
> (http://www.gatm.com/Cars/audi200.html) and I was very happy with it. Neil
> Swanson later did the same with his. I didn't really consider it to be too
> low, and it certainly wasn't as low as H&R claimed it would be (damn, I miss
> that car!)

Thanks for the info.  So in the end, how much lower was the H&R result
compared to stock?

I'm thinking I'll just install Bilstein Sprints (or sports, whatever) with
my stock springs and be done with it.  I'm pretty much happy with the way
it is now anyway stock but needing rear struts.  I've gone the whole
coil-over route before on my CQ and it was expensive and I'd imagine not
worth it for a daily driver / big car that I'll never track.

'91 200q20v

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