[200q20v] RE: [s-cars] rear control arm bushings

Pollock, Thomas Thomas.Pollock at compaq.com
Mon Jun 18 16:09:12 EDT 2001

Holy cow ! I just placed an order with Rod over the weekend and compared
with thepartsbin just a minute ago and they are CHEAPER !!!  And their
web page interface is EXCELLENT !  Definitely an "add to favorites"...  


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smoking good price from thepartsbin.com. List $62 each. $24.50 each from
thepartsbin. $14 EACH cheaper than Rod @thepartsconnection, who is
pretty competitive. free ship over $50 too. OE manufacturer, Lemfordr.
special thanks to Steve M. for recommendation.  these  guys are
on my personal vendor list.
91 200qa

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