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It all depends on my work schedule- if I can make it, I'll be up at
Mt. Washington on Saturday morning. However, if work requires me to
be there on the weekends, I guess I will have to wait until next year.

Also, I'll stop by Circuit City and get a Talkabout if I'm going up.

'91 200q

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anyone along the way from white plains NY up through western MA to NH want
to caravan?  I'll be leaving WP around 9-10am, time for a lunch stop in
northhampton, and arrival at the mountain with time to unpack, relax for a
bit, and have dinner with the gang, etc.  Won't be able to hook up with
any Boston folk on the way up, sorry :-(

BTW, if you got 'em, bring Talkabouts(channel 4, security code 4, of


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