[200q20v] Alternator Woes

Mike O'Donnell mod2000 at home.com
Mon Jun 18 23:32:41 EDT 2001

Well, in the process of tightening the alternator belt, I quite easily snapped the adjusting bolt and stripped the cog which the previous owner left in a mangled mess before I got to it.  I figure this really sucks, but I've got to remove the whole alternator, extract the bolt and replace the cog assembly to tighten the belt.  

In the process of removing the two electrical connections to the alternator, the smaller of the two studs with the 8mm bolt gets stripped inside the alternator.  Just wonderful.  So I cut the wire and get the alternator in my vise.  I was able to extract my first bolt without too much trouble, but I'm concerned about the smaller stud which is currently sticking about 1/2 inch further out than it should.  It seems I'd need to get inside the alternator to see what's preventing me from removing this stud.  If I knew it would operate OK in it's current state, I'd just reinstall the alternator.  However, if this stud makes a critical internal connection I might be hosed.

The alternator has 150K on it and I'm about ready to get a rebuild unless someone out there has an understanding of the inner workings of these alternators and can ease my concerns.

Many thanks as always!

Mike O'Donnell
Seattle, WA
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