[200q20v] Replacement Pedals?

Joe Vanzeipel joe at choice1.com
Tue Jun 19 16:21:40 EDT 2001

Well, when I got my car, the accelerator pedal was missing (well, the cover
for the pedal).  I could drive it just fine and got used to not having the
rubber cover (you know, it says Audi on it, and has the cross-hatch
pattern).  Well, I decided to finally take the plunge and buy some racing
pedals.  However, i don't want something just to cover my old worn rubber
pedals (which I cannot do anyway), I want something to replace my current
pedals, something made out of aluminium or another material that would last
longer than a decade.

Does anyone know if I have to get something Audi specific?  Anyone know
where the best prices for this stuff is?  I looked around eBay and found a
lot of inexpensive stuff.

200q20v (Vanessa, 112k)
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