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I replaced my front bearings on my car, wasn't that hard, but I dropped the
strut assembly and then had a 100 ton press and a set of very large sockets
to use to press on the outer races to press the bearings in and out.

My road noise was still there, and I then I rotated the tires and found that
it was a bad belt in a tire. Change the tire and the noise went away.

Go figure!

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> Has any one changed out front wheel bearings on a UFO equip car?
> I have access to the schley bearing puller, just looking for advice.
> Also, my car is making a loud road noise, I haven't rotated the tires to
> if that fixes it, but I will.  I'm thinking it is a wheel bearing or drive
> shaft center support bearing.   Kind of a Grrr, Grrr, Grrr at slow speeds,
> at higher speeds it is droned out.
> Thanks
> Brian Link
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