[200q20v] "events" list(and Mt. Washington)

Brett Dikeman quattro at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Wed Jun 20 17:18:45 EDT 2001

Dan just created an events list(events at audifans.com,

The upcoming event of course is Mt. Washington; you can either scan the
archives for info, or join up(sub/unsubbing is very easy.)

I would suggest that all listers going to the races this weekend join up
to do stuff like organize caravans, talk about dinner plans, and for those
coming up sunday, get bullitins about whether or not the race is on(I
suspect it will, but wouldn't it suck to drive 3-4 hours and find nobody
there? :-), etc.  A bunch of us have also done this several times and can
give friendly/helpful advice(like, don't get 3 hours of sleep, drive 4
hours, watch the race, and try to drive home :-)

This is of course unassociated with the NEQ, but I'm going to mention it
to the NEQ organizers and I will try and work with them to pass along any
important info/updates(or -maybe- they will, I haven't talked to
Chris/Paul and company.)


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