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> Dan just created an events list(events at audifans.com,
>  http://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/events/)
>  The upcoming event of course is Mt. Washington; you can either scan the
>  archives for info, or join up(sub/unsubbing is very easy.)

Here's a blanket email to various lists with info on this weekend's Audi 
sponsored Climb to the Clouds in Gorham, New Hampshire.
The northeast region of the Quattro Club USA is sponsoring an Audi corral at 
the base of Mt. Washington on Saturday from 12-5, and on Sunday (entry before 
8:45 or at the lunch break), to watch the Audi sponsored hill climb, and 
socialize with other audi fans; dinner is also a group event at the Dana 
Place Inn, where many of us are staying Friday and Saturday nights.  Details 
on the NEQ site:
http://www.neqclub.org  or on the national quattro club site:  
http://www.quattroclubusa.org  and some old pics on my site:
Official site:  http://www.climbtotheclouds.com
Corral questions/comments to me at c1j1miller at aol.com
T-shirts are likely in short supply, but we've got some room in the corral 
for late registrants.
Hope to see you there, it is a great event!!!
Chris Miller

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