[200q20v] Moisture-related Low Boost?

Hemberger, Chris CHemberger at stanadyne.com
Thu Jun 21 11:01:53 EDT 2001

Hello all:

Have had some recent issues with poor performance/low boost which appears to
be related to moisture.  Had a no-start condition 2 wks ago in the morning
after lightly hosing off the cold engine the previous eve., car did fire/run
immediately after washing. Then twice this wk after having the car stored
overnight in a somewhat damp garage, when it just gets into boost (0.9-1.1
Bar), there is a significant stumbling.  Engine behaves rather normal when @
steady-state/light load.  I suspect it's ignition related (just ordered
cap/rotor which I will modify per previous advice..); no error codes.
Thought I'd pose the problem to the group in the event there are any BTDTs.
I know it seems like a 'no-brainer' but bear with me...  Thanks.

Chris Hemberger
200Q Avant

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