[200q20v] Time For Tires

Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Thu Jun 21 11:33:57 EDT 2001

Apparently BFG has a promo right now where you get a free Gtech Pro with
the purchase of 4 H or V rated tires.  

Paul R Luevano wrote:
> Perfect timing!  I'm looking for new rubber as well, with the same
> requirements!  Car currently has Yokahama AVS S4-V, which the car came with and
> have been very good, but I don't think they make them in the right size anymore.
> I am open to all suggestions.  Looking for good dry weather performance, and
> able to deal with the limited snowfall we get in the Boston area.
> Thanks much!
> Calvin & Diana Craig wrote:
> >
> > Question for everyone.  I am looking for a tire (225/60/15) that is H or V
> > rated that handles decently in the snow.  I have had BFG Comp T/A VR4's
> > before and they did great for a performance tire.  Because they stopped
> > making the VR4s in this size I switched to Touring T/A VR4s last time and
> > found those mediocre in comparison, as far as snow driving goes.  They still
> > make the Comp T/A HR4's in this size but I am not sure the tread pattern is
> > the same as the Comp T/A VR4s.  Any H or V rated tire will be fine for me in
> > the dry but I want the same tire to handle well in the snow.  I know none of
> > these options handle like snow tires but I am not interested in doing the
> > swapping thing or buying another set of rims for snow tires.  Anybody got
> > any suggestions...or by chance has anyone tried the Comp T/A HR4s in the
> > snow?  Thanks!
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