[200q20v] RE: New rubber

Cordeiro, Alan Alan.Cordeiro at mts.com
Thu Jun 21 11:27:46 EDT 2001

I have been very happy with both dry as well as wet and snow performance
of a set of Michelin Pilot 215/60 XGT H4,  OK, OK, a compromise in the
but I think a great choice if you just have one set of wheels...(BBS 15
I have been longing for a set of 16 or 17 inch wheels for summer, but other
financial priorities (keeping 3 old cars, all >100k miles, running) and
wife's veto on "unnecessary" spending have kept me from doing so.

(Similar problem with the CPU upgrade BTW..)

Also, I did have COMP T/A, VR4s on the '86 5kq, and was unhappy with the

Alan Cordeiro
'91 200q

>Perfect timing!  I'm looking for new rubber as well, with the same
>requirements!  Car currently has Yokahama AVS S4-V, which the car came with
>have been very good, but I don't think they make them in the right size

>I am open to all suggestions.  Looking for good dry weather performance,
>able to deal with the limited snowfall we get in the Boston area.

>Thanks much!

>Calvin & Diana Craig wrote:
> Question for everyone.  I am looking for a tire (225/60/15) that is H or V
> rated that handles decently in the snow.  I have had BFG Comp T/A VR4's
> before and they did great for a performance tire.  Because they stopped
> making the VR4s in this size I switched to Touring T/A VR4s last time and

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