[200q20v] Mt. Washington PICTURES!

Brett Dikeman quattro at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Tue Jun 26 02:31:09 EDT 2001

Hey everybody!  Got the pictures from the mountain uploaded after much
fussing, organizing, reorganizing, deleting the fuzzies...about 80-90
pictures total this year.  Still haven't weeded out all the duplicates
from the camera's exposure bracketing that I used, so the number might be
more like 70.  I hope to start renaming the pics to be subject-related
RSN(real soon now.)


Previous years and other events are in

Some highlights:
-a shot of the now-RIP Alexmobile's engine compartment(no, nothing
visibly wrong, I checked and even in the full size photo, you can't see
anything really; wrong side of the engine compartment anyway)

-a few shots of Marc's 4kq/MC turbo conversion in saturday/swanson I think

-in saturday/mountaintop/ check out the photos of the super-heavy mist.
It was so thick, there's a shot in there of Marc standing about 30 feet
from me and you can barely see his bright red shirt.  Our cars are about
30 feet further and you can't see them at all.  However, I sat on the
outside of the last turn and shot as many pictures of people coming around
the corner as I could.  Some turned out great, in particular Igor's white
S6, and eventmeister Paul Royal's 200q20v avant(look for the thumbs up
sign :-)  Probably to Igor's horror, I will be sure to explain the second
shot of his S6 in my event writeup :-)

-adorable shots of Vlad the Impaler(the white fuzzball), and the Earley's
golden retriever(I think Max Royal made it into a few photos too :-)

-in saturday/parade, some shots(including a wide panorama) of the cars
lined up for our little parade up.  There are a few backwards-facing
out-the-window shots(kids, do NOT try this at home)

-mulitple panoramic shots in sunday/corral_cars/ ; I have a few more I
just didn't get around to yet that will magically appear in the next day
or two.

-in sunday/corral_cars, a shot I grabbed of an accidental lineup of a
green A4, a yellow A4, and a red '90 200q avant :-)

Stay tuned for my writeup of the event...in the meantime, a big thank you
to eventmeisters, Paul and Bonnie Royal, along with Chris and Pam
Miller...another year, another great event, despite the wacky weather!
We'll even forgive Steve Earley for bringing that truck(UrQ was not
big enough for the tent poles, is what we'd like to think.)

Lastly,  the photos may be down in a week as I move apartments, get a new
DSL line, etc...so look now, not later! :-)

'91 200q20v Panther Black, NY "200Q20V"

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