[200q20v] r12 replacement autofrost - good as r12?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Jun 26 17:06:11 EDT 2001

At 3:13 PM -0400 6/26/01, Chris Covington wrote:
>My 200q20v needs a charge, and I can get a hold of original R12 and do
>it with my friend, or, the easier route, use a generic R12 replacement
>called Autofrost

I don't have any info to give (one way or the other) but I went to 
the website you mentioned and did some reading. Autofrost, while 
advertised as a drop-in replacement for R-12 refrigerant is something 
rather different, chemically (it's a "non-azeotropic mixture" of 
unspecified composition). So you really aren't entitled to use the 
term "generic replacement", which normally implies something that is 
supposed to be chemically identical to what it's replacing (i.e., 
other dichlorodifluoromethane source  than Freon 12, a DuPont trade 
name). Autofrost is simply a non-R-12 refrigerant. Sounds like 
interesting stuff. How long has it been in use?


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net

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