[200q20v] r12 replacement autofrost - good as r12?

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Tue Jun 26 21:03:42 EDT 2001


The Autofrost web site (http://www.refrigerantsales.com/autofrost.html) has 
the MSDS available.  The stuff is only 4% isobutane.  The other two 
components are chloro-difluoroethane (CH3-CClF2  41%) and 
chloro-difluoromethane (CHClF2  55%).  Neither of these is a substance 
which is "environmentally undesirable".  We know that to be the case not 
because they have been proven to be non-problematic but because the study 
has never been done.  IMO, that sux but who am I to gainsay the 
authorities?  A similar comment fits for R134.  :-(

At 04:06 PM 6/26/01, Phil Rose wrote:

>At 3:13 PM -0400 6/26/01, Chris Covington wrote:
>>My 200q20v needs a charge, and I can get a hold of original R12 and do
>>it with my friend, or, the easier route, use a generic R12 replacement
>>called Autofrost
>I don't have any info to give (one way or the other) but I went to the 
>website you mentioned and did some reading. Autofrost, while advertised as 
>a drop-in replacement for R-12 refrigerant is something rather different, 
>chemically (it's a "non-azeotropic mixture" of unspecified composition). 
>So you really aren't entitled to use the term "generic replacement", which 
>normally implies something that is supposed to be chemically identical to 
>what it's replacing (i.e., other dichlorodifluoromethane source  than 
>Freon 12, a DuPont trade name). Autofrost is simply a non-R-12 
>refrigerant. Sounds like interesting stuff. How long has it been in use?
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