[200q20v] r12 replacement autofrost - good as r12?

Brett Dikeman brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Tue Jun 26 23:44:53 EDT 2001

On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, Robert Myers wrote:

> because they have been proven to be non-problematic but because the study
> has never been done.  IMO, that sux but who am I to gainsay the
> authorities?  A similar comment fits for R134.  :-(

According to the guy who services our datacenter A/C system(which took
30-60lb of refridgerant, luckily a different, and fairly inexpensive
different r-something-or-other), R12 is completely non-toxic; "you can
even breath the stuff."  R134? "You breathe that stuff in, it'll kill

Keep in mind he's in a different ballpark with quantities.  A car's a/c
system blows, and chances are most of it escapes out, and there isn't
much.  In a datacenter, the room's usually fairly sealed because of the
requirements of fire suppression agents like halon, FM-200, CO2 and
inergen, and there's a LOT of refridgerant(as previously mentioned;
probably a hundred pounds total in our dual-circuit system; that's about
three gas-grill-sized-cylinder's worth, compressed.)

Speaking of fire supression systems, someone mentioned on the main list
that "halon's been outlawed in my country, I wonder what some fried racer
will think of that."  The lister obviously was not aware of two commonly
available replacements...FM200, and Inergen(Co2 is another choice; foam is
probably better than all the above.)

That's the other thing...given the demise of Alex's turbo-converted 80 due
to engine fire, I've looked around for a small extinguisher.  Dan had a
little one that didn't do much good, so I'm eyeing a $50 Kidde foam unit
which has an absurdedly high numerical B rating(extinguishers are rated in
A B and C categories for both use(ie, B and C symbols) and coverage in
square feet of burning material.  B is liquid(ie oil/grease/gas etc), and
probably the most important for automotive(well, excepting our rear
speakers; that sort of fire would require an A C unit; paper/solids and

Only problem with the unit I found is it's a 2 liter unit and it's a
little on the big side for keeping it in the passenger compartment, which
is where I'd want it to be...


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