[200q20v] Re: r12 replacement autofrost - good as r12?

James Marriott marriott at micron.net
Tue Jun 26 23:51:02 EDT 2001

> My 200q20v needs a charge, and I can get a hold of original R12
and do
> it with my friend, or, the easier route, use a generic R12
> called Autofrost that a local foreign shop uses and have them
do it.
> Would it make more sense for me to use the original R12 and do
it myself?
> Or is Autofrost just as good (or horrible, etc.)?

I put Autofrost (3 x 9.4 oz cans) in the 200 (ND compressor) last
month before a driving vacation to CA. It works at least as well
as the R12 that was in it, though YMMV. (I swapped because I
didn't want to pay $450/lb for R12, and the Autofrost is only 5%
as bad to our beloved O3 layer as R12) Now if I could just get
the _climate control_ to cooperate . . . grrrr.

cu, James Marriott
'87 4kq (alias "late-B2 90q") with rare NG engine, 181k
'89 200q (MC1, ProconTen/no bag, 1.8 blah blah), 132k
Boise, ID, USA     http://www.webpak.net/~marriott/

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