[200q20v] Flammable refrigerants

Cordeiro, Alan Alan.Cordeiro at mts.com
Wed Jun 27 08:31:36 EDT 2001

Hi Robert,

Good to see you are still around Alzheimer's or not.

I remember the discussion,  your memory is not that far off, the mixture
came from 
George Gobels?? or some such name, and was 75% N-BUTANE with 25% ISOPROPANE
That mixture is extremely flammable..

Alan Cordeiro
'91 200q with R-12, real cool.. (lucky 
there are no slow leaks)

>If I remember correctly, the discussion back in '98 concerned the use of 
>hydrocarbon refrigerants such as isobutane and/or isobutane mixed with 
>propane.  Such mixtures will be highly flammable.  Almost explosively so 
>when provided with oxygen and a source of ignition.

>Then again you may be witnessing signs of advancing Alzheimer's.

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