[200q20v] Re: Mt. Washington PICTURES!

Brett Dikeman brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Wed Jun 27 11:41:01 EDT 2001

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Brendan wrote:

> Gee, Brett, who was holding the camera for the picture in the side mirror?
> The same person who was driving?

Hmm, I do get a number of comments about those.  I should probably put
something in the gallery so people don't freak out :-)

It's the fine art of simply sticking the camera out the window a
bunch of times and hoping something comes out.  You didn't see all the
exciting pictures of pavement, sky, side of my car, etc...if you did,
you'd believe me that I really just hang my arm out the window and click
the shutter a few times without paying any attention.  I only attempted
them on long straightaways, and eyes were always on the road, mom ;-)

Last year's half-assed shots were much better, for some reason..different
camera, I think it fit in my hand better.


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