Brett Dikeman quattro at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Wed Jun 27 12:47:38 EDT 2001

Ok...this is great for York compressor folks, but what about us
Nippondenso folks(ie, all type 44's after about 85-86?)

I like the part about more heat transfer...black car, black interior, and
my current A/C just can't keep up.

Every so often, we hear someone ponder or talk about replacing the $$$$
Nippondenso compressor with a rotary scroll or similar.  Did anyone
actually ever come up with a complete solution?

Autofrost just came up on the 200q20v list, so I'm cc'ing it...


 On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Doyt W. Echelberger wrote:

> Here is some more data on York compressor seals. Hope it doesn't overload
> your system:
> http://www.kiva.net/~bburke Autofrost (R- 406A) and Autofrost-X4 (GHG-X4)
> move more heat than does R-12. Cars with poorly maintained cooling
> (radiator) systems, may encounter radiator boilovers and overheating
> problems when changing to Autofrost, since more heat is transferred to the
> condenser, which rejects the heat into the radiator. It is a good idea to
> have the engine cooling system checked over when switching to Autofrost to
> prevent a dirty/clogged radiator or leaking heater water valve from causing
> A/C problems. There was a suspected seal compatibility problem with
> Autofrost. York, Techumseh and the old Chrysler RV2 compressors were
> thought to have a butyl rubber seal, however it has been discovered that

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