[200q20v] over heating

Brett Dikeman brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Wed Jun 27 12:56:57 EDT 2001

Actually, I just started having the same problem.  Chances are your
fusable link has corroded, snapped, or melted...fairly common, and it's
happened to me twice in 2-3 years.

Here's the quick test.  Turn on the ignition(do not start it), and hit
AUTO, BILEV, or defrost.  The fan should come on at a slow speed.  If not,
check the link.  If it does, then there's a problem with the thermostat
that controls the second-stage(higher speed) circuit, or the resistor pack
that is located at the bottom of the compartment in front of the
radiator+condensor(pull the plastic cover over the two to get at it; the
resistor pack looks like blue anodized aluminium with three beefy power
connections, and the whole thing is attached to a crossmember of the

Be VERY careful around that when testing with a meter or replacing the
link.  There's a metal brake line right near one of the terminals, and the
fan is powered directly off the battery, no fuses except that fusable
link.  We're talking spot-welding-your-tool-to-the-car material.  I would
write down your radio stations, pull out the radio code from the car's
papers, and then unhook the battery before you do any work on those
terminals etc.


 On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, jay noyes wrote:

> Help! Since summer weather arrived, my water temp gauge goes right up to the
> two little dots.Also the warning alarm spurts over..Usually within 10 miles
> driving time. On cooler days or highway driving it is better OK. But as soon
> as in I'm in traffic, look out. It does however come on with the A/C, which
> works fine.  Any help much appreciated
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