[200q20v] over heating

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Jun 27 13:58:13 EDT 2001

At 11:29 AM -0400 6/27/01, jay noyes wrote:
>Help! Since summer weather arrived, my water temp gauge goes right 
>up to the two little dots.Also the warning alarm spurts 
>over..Usually within 10 miles driving time. On cooler days or 
>highway driving it is better OK. But as soon as in I'm in traffic, 
>look out. It does however come on with the A/C, which works fine. 
>Any help much appreciated

As others have pointed out, this probably means your radiator fan is 
not working. That's the "fan"  Brett referred to in the test 
procedure he mentioned. The fusible link--assuming it's broken--is 
one of the cheapest parts  you can buy at an Audi dealer. About $1, 
as I recall. If you try to get by without using this fuse (or 
equivalent) you risk serious potential damage from fried wiring if 
the fan should ever seize.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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