[200q20v] 5x112(?) Ronal R8's

David Schaible dschaible at penw.com
Thu Jun 28 09:00:50 EDT 2001

most likely they were 15x6 ronals (maybe 15x8 but these are harder to come
by) from a turbo quattro coupe and the bolt pattern is definitely the same
as i used to use the same snow tires and rims on both my 83 urq and my 20v
avant but i don't drive the urq in the winter anymore

At 03:51 AM 6/28/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Hey all,
>Saw a t44 the other day with R8's on it.  Struck me as funny since I never 
>thought that car came with those wheels, and the only car I associated those 
>wheels with where 4k's, albeit in a 14"-which I know to have a 4-bolt 
>pattern.  And no, the t44 was not retrograded to a 4-bolt hub.
>Well, I figured out the deep dish R8's on the Quattro Coupes (and I suspect 
>all 4k based Quattro Coupes) did have a 5 bolt pattern, which I'm guessing 
>is 5x112 (is that the size/pattern on our cars?)    Where all of the 80's 
>vintage coupes setup with a 5-bolt hub, including the ones with the flat 
>fenders?  If not, anybody have any ideas where those wheels I saw on the t44 
>came from (15" R8, non-deep dish)?
>That's my guess on wheel source on the t44 in question; either a non '85(?) 
>Quattro Coupe, or one of the flat fendered, front drivers.  Any input and/or 
>corrections on my knowledge here?  More of a curiosity than anything.
>Derek P
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