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David Schaible dschaible at penw.com
Thu Jun 28 09:10:33 EDT 2001

there is a big difference between a refrigerant that turns to a gas  w/o
pressure and is explosive that can turn a simple fender bender into a
barbecue that can only be rivaled by bose speakers and a refrigerant that
if exposed to the proper mixture of oxygen and flame will produce a small
amount of phosgene...but that's how it is, have to accept the bad with the
good and vice vers

At 06:03 AM 6/28/01 -0500, selten2 wrote:
>I agree with this, there are many hazardous things both in and about
>vehicles that we use but we drive them every day. Do you know that R-12, aka
>Freon, when exposed to open flame turns into Phosgene aka Mustard gas! Think
>about that while enjoying your A/C today!
>Tom Czerniak
>"Drive it like you own it"
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>> >If I remember correctly, the discussion back in '98 concerned the use of
>> >hydrocarbon refrigerants such as isobutane and/or isobutane mixed with
>> >propane.  Such mixtures will be highly flammable.  Almost explosively so
>> >when provided with oxygen and a source of ignition.
>> Yes, but then again so is your gasoline at 60 psi.  What about fleet
>> that have been converted to run on propane?  I am convinced that these are
>> just scare factors from a world paranoid of anything and everything.  For
>> the price and performance of these refrigerants I think I'll put up with
>> scare factors.  I know the autofrost is non-flammable but even Gobels
>> will admit that it isn't as efficient as the Hydrocarbon refrigerants.
>> --Calvin
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