[200q20v] new shocks/springs on order; what consumables should be replaced?

Linus Toy linust at mindspring.com
Thu Mar 1 01:35:32 EST 2001

At 11:27 AM 2/28/2001 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>Hi Linus,
>The H&R's that I purchased were #29800.  I decided to go with bilsteins

Those are the springs for the 20v type 44q--IOW, you're ordering the 
"correct" springs for our car, where I installed 29921, the springs for the 
V8.  According to my notes, the rears on the two spring sets are almost the 
same (310 vs 330 lb/in at installed height--remember, these are progressive 
springs), but the fronts are substantially stiffer on the V8 set (220 vs 
300 lb/in at installed height).  My experience probably won't be directly 
applicable for you, and you may not have the same issues I had.  Have fun 
with them.

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