[200q20v] RE:Heated Seat lights

Griffon Financial griffon at ticon.net
Thu Mar 1 16:22:21 EST 2001

I just did this on my 91 200 and it was pretty easy...you have two
choices...buy a new one(easiest) they just pop out and unplug, or you can
pop them out and disassemble the switch by using a sharp utensil...knife or
a scroll...the back of the switch is held in by 4 small clips, simply pry
those loose and dissasemble. You will see a very small 3w bulb in there. I
purchased the new bulbs at Radio shack for around $2,I brought the switch in
a just found the bulb that looked closest to it, just simply heat up the
solder on the old bulb and resolder the new ones in. This took me about
30min to do both. Obviously the easier route is to just buy new switches for
$20 each at the dealer, but I'm cheap and have too much time on my hands.
Hope this helps;) Thanks


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