[200q20v] Lubricants

Brett Dikeman brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Fri Mar 2 00:27:51 EST 2001

I in general use 10w30 M1 year 'round.  Works fine for lower to mid 
new england.

The car was (pardon the pun) very cranky one cold morning in Stowe, 
VT on a company ski trip(previous company, unfortunately.)  It was so 
cold that when I topped off the windshield washer fluid, the fluid 
started to crystallize at the mouth of the bottle; further, when I 
pulled off my glove, the sweat "smoked" off my hand in the 
sunlight(it looked -really- cool :-)

  I think the temp gauge reported -15 degrees F.  The autocheck 
display continued to "display" a ghost image of the "OK" for almost 
half a minute, and switching radio stations resulted in 188.8 because 
all the segments stayed black.  All the rubber joints were hard as 
steel.  I think I might have been running 5w30 that time because it 
was bitterly cold in Boston too(Westchester county is far more 
temperate, I've found.)

<sigh>...car was running really rough this morning and belched about 
10-15 seconds worth of light blue smoke.  Not good.  Either a fuel 
system failure(I'm thinking leaking injectors, or FP regulator?), or 
turbo's in need of a overhaul.  Problem is, all the "learned" values 
in the ECU were perfect, including ones the Bently says would show 
sign of clogged injectors or a bad FPR.

<sigh>...murphy's law figures that a)it'll be the turbo and b)the car 
is of course doing this since i just spent a fortune on suspension 


At 4:18 PM -0500 3/1/01, Richard E. Berlin, Jr. wrote:
>Ever since joining this fraternity, I've been following the factory
>recommendations for motor oils. I recently purchased a second '91 200TQ
>Avant, and the chap who sold it to me insisted that Mobil1 in the 0w30
>flavor was the way to go.
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