[200q20v] Lubricants

Nate Stuart nathan.stuart at maine.edu
Fri Mar 2 00:38:33 EST 2001

 <sigh>...car was running really rough this morning and belched about
> 10-15 seconds worth of light blue smoke.  Not good.  Either a fuel
> system failure(I'm thinking leaking injectors, or FP regulator?), or
> turbo's in need of a overhaul.  Problem is, all the "learned" values
> in the ECU were perfect, including ones the Bently says would show
> sign of clogged injectors or a bad FPR.

If it is blueish in color it is most likey burning oil, a rich fuel mixture
will result in a black smoke. If the car is only smoking at startup the most
common cause of this is lifter seals. Not nearly as expensive as the turbo,
but you do have 20 of them..... My previous experience with a blown turbo
seal was constant belching of blue smoke whenever the car sat at idle for
anything over ~30sec, and got worse as the engine warmed up, as opposed to
going away right after startup as lifter seal leaks tend to do b/c the oil
doesn't sit and pool around the lifter stem.

'89 90q (only 10 lifter seals to leak.... :)

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