[200q20v] Lubricants

Pete Kunzler pck at gte.net
Fri Mar 2 02:28:10 EST 2001

Another possible cause and one that I have had on my 200 is the ol' drive
the car hard and the turbo sucks oil out of the crankcase breather. When the
car sits it drips into the turbo giving you the blue cloud at start up. It
goes away a couple 3 days after the "sprited" Driving.

Pete Kunzler
Snohomish, WA

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<sigh>...car was running really rough this morning and belched about
10-15 seconds worth of light blue smoke.  Not good.  Either a fuel
system failure(I'm thinking leaking injectors, or FP regulator?), or
turbo's in need of a overhaul.  Problem is, all the "learned" values
in the ECU were perfect, including ones the Bently says would show
sign of clogged injectors or a bad FPR.

<sigh>...murphy's law figures that a)it'll be the turbo and b)the car
is of course doing this since i just spent a fortune on suspension


At 4:18 PM -0500 3/1/01, Richard E. Berlin, Jr. wrote:
>Ever since joining this fraternity, I've been following the factory
>recommendations for motor oils. I recently purchased a second '91 200TQ
>Avant, and the chap who sold it to me insisted that Mobil1 in the 0w30
>flavor was the way to go.
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