[200q20v] FW: Lube and blue smoke

Richard E. Berlin, Jr. rberlin at feltonberlin.com
Fri Mar 2 12:08:30 EST 2001

Thanks for the heads up on the 10W vs. the 0w. I'll make the switch
today- -well suited to a North Boston coastal climate. This would also
explain why the oil temp gauge in the new reads lower than in the one which
currently runs 15W (same is true for oil pressure, BTW).

As for your car, I can only share my experience of the last 3 months. I had
been plagued by a long starting crank (especially on cold starts). My first
attempt to correct was to try a 3 tank treatment of Blauvergnugen's injector
cleaning solvent (small improvement). Next, I ordered the pressure regulator
valve (no change). Finally, I sprang for new injectors (ouch) and find that
the slow crank problem AND the blue smoke problem have disappeared.
If you live nearby, I'd be happy to try a short "injector swap" to see if it
corrects your problem. If it turns out to be valve lifter seals- - I'll be
out of town!!

Good luck!

Richard E. Berlin, Jr.
mail to: <rberlin at feltonberlin.com>
200q20v Avant x2

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