[200q20v] V8 vs old S4(tramlining)

Gary Martin motogo1 at home.com
Fri Mar 2 16:07:25 EST 2001

Guys, I'm not an expert on this by any means, bit IME, I believe the
alignment and the tires can have an affect on tramlining. My S4 with either
Pirelli P7000 225/50x16 or Firestone SZ50's 235/45x17 don't tramline one
bit. OTOH, the way the car came, with Nitto NT 450's, it was either going
left or right. I believe the toe setting can affect this. Any alignment
experts out there?
94 UrS4
91 200q20v Avant (this weekend)

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> << I'm not sure what "so much rubber" means, but have you ever checked
> (or replaced) your car's steering damper? That's one possible
> low-cost, easy-to-do fix for the "follow-the-grooves" problem.
>  >>
> During the initial inspection of my newly acquired 20020v, the Audi
> said that the steering damper(dampener?) needed replacing.  He hadn't
> it yet. The car does some serious tramming with stock rubber and wheels. I
> would suggest that you have the steering damper looked at.
> Mitch Frey
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