[200q20v] Heated seat bulb ?

Gene Caldwell optic at halcyon.com
Fri Mar 2 11:19:08 EST 2001

Chewy4000 at aol.com wrote:
> I just took apart the whole switch and got to the bulb or is a an LED?
> Does it have a + and -? I marked it to unsolder it, in case.
> Hopefully Ragitty Shack has them instock.
> Does the rest of the switches or buttons use the same bulbs?
> Chewy

Radio Shack Micro Lamps 12v-60mA, part #272-1092C.  Also has #7219
printed on package.  Polarity irrelevant.  I think I recall someone
using these bulbs in the power window switches.

Other dash switches use an equally small easy replace bulb I've found
only at dealer.  Have also found amazing variety in what different
dealers charge for those bulbs.  Sometimes a piece of rubber or vinyl
tubing helps remove them.


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