[200q20v] relay controlling seering boost? It's too light!

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Mar 2 21:30:44 EST 2001

At 7:05 PM -0500 3/2/01, Vztante at aol.com wrote:
>The folks at the Audiworld A6 forum gave me a tip on how to lessen the overly
>boosted power steering on that car.  There is a relay that can simply be
>pulled from it's outlet behind the steering column.  It drops the assist by
>about 30-50%, giving it a somewhat Bimmerlike feedback.
>I would like to do the same to the 20020v, but don't know if it's even
>possible.  Any knowledge on the matter?

You think the PS assist on the '91 200q is overly boosted? Not a 
common complaint.

The answer is yes and no : yes there's knowledge (of course) and no, 
there's not a similar way to drop the assist on the '91 200q. You 
could always let a bunch of air out of the tires, though.  :-)


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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