[200q20v] Stalling 200 - The rest of it

Kevin Phillips kevphill at mediaone.net
Sat Mar 3 11:01:54 EST 2001

I did this very repair a couple of weeks ago, one connector actually came
off the board when I took the speedo out.
I also suggest you clean the 4 pins that slide into the connectors, mine
were very dirty right around the point of contact.

Kevin Phillips
Western Massachusetts
1990 200q
1995 900 SET
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Hey guys:
It certainly would appear that the dealer service advisor (in the original
thread) hasn't errored necessarily, and maybe just had a few points made by
looking at the TSB Neil put forth.  This is a known problem, I've done a
couple of these fixes already.  Here is the full monty of the TSB, short of
the pix pointing to the 2 connectors usually at fault.


Subject: Insturment Panel Printed Circuit Board
               Solder Connections, Repairing
Model(s): 100/200    1989-93 m.y.
Group: 90
Number: 93-03
Date: November 15, 1993
Supersedes Technical Bulletin
Group 90, No. 91-02

Speedometer works intermittently or not at all
(all 100/200, from 1989), or engine stalls
intermittently on deceleration (100, from 1990
only), caused by one or more loose or poor
solder connections on the insturment panel
printed circuit boards

While driving tap on instrument cluster, and observe speedometer needle.  If
the speedometer needle jumps, a loose or poor solder connection may be the

Solder Connection Repairing
Obtain Radio security code
Disconnect ground strap
Remove instrument cluster and remove circuit board

Using a magnifying glass, ck upper speedomeeter connector terminals for
or broken solder connections.

Using a magnifying class, ck lower speedometer connnector terminals for
or broken solder connections.

*Do not use a soldering iron larger than 30watts otherwise the circuit board
will be damaged*

<Ck for bouncing speedometer after repair.>
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