[200q20v] relay controlling seering boost? It's too light!

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> The 200q20v, especially in parking lots, is an unwieldy beast, especially
> when stopped; sometimes, the steering just goes completely on the blink,
> pump groaning away, like I've hit the end lock.  I'm hoping I can have a
> bunch of the banjo bolts replaced, possibly overhaul the pump w/new
> orings, and flush the system out.  Going to wider, grippier tires is out
> of the question until then.

Hmm.  Not sure these things will help, unless you have internal leaks within 
your PS pump -- and even then I don't think your rack would moan and groan.  
Why would I know?  After my unfortunate Schnowbank incident at Steamboat I 
was left with a cracked hardline fitting on the rack.  Drove it all the way 
back to Michigan and managed to drive three weeks with a non power assisted 
200q20v shod with Blizzaks.  Parking lot maneuvers and braking in general 
required a VERY fair amount of effort (but what a workout).  No groans from 
my system (of which I had cut the belt off in CO so as to save the pump).  
Just from me :-(  

'91 200q20v with a few mods...a new rack and...diagnosing a hydraulic leak
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