[200q20v] new shocks/springs on order; what consumables should be replaced?

packley packley at bellatlantic.net
Mon Mar 5 07:25:20 EST 2001


I am sure wheels/shocks have been discussed many times, but if you are going
to go Plus Two for your car, the most popular combination for our cars is
17x8 rims with 35mm offset.

These work perfectly in my 91 Avant with Bilstein sports and Eibach shocks.
I mounted Toyo Proxes 235-45-17 tires,  as they are inexpensive
(comparatively).  I could have gone to 245, but did not want to go 245-40
which I believe are closer to the original tire diameter.

I use 235-45-17's on my S6 also with Michelin Pilots.

Another beauty with the Bilstein is the factory will rebuild these for you.
I just sent the original set from my 22 year old Porsche 930 which will be
revalved to Sport setting by Bilstein at a much cheaper cost than new ones
would cost me.

I agree with Bernie:  Everyone goes to new spring, shock, wheel, combos, and
the most important part is the alignment shop, and making sure your car will
keep the adjustment with new bushings, etc.

You will be truly amazed the difference performance tires/rims will make to
your car, as the changes you have made are not optimized until you make that

All subsequent Big 5 cylinder Audis have strut brace of some sort, my S6
does, the RS2 does, and the georgeous urquattro Sport I saw this weekend

Audi just did not get all the good stuff into the 200 which was really a
platform to put extra parts on:
the 3B engine, UFO brakes, non-strut brace, strange distributors, etc.

Audi eventually got it right, but have ignored good brakes/rim combination
until just recently.  My S6 has S8 struts and 323 rotors and calipers.  Not
Big Reds, but they work almost as well and are close to the same size.

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