jRe: [200q20v] relay controlling seering boost? It's too light!

HAUPT,DAVID (A-Sonoma,ex1) david_haupt at agilent.com
Mon Mar 5 11:44:10 EST 2001

My '89 200Q sedan is the same - poor road feel at speeds (where you want it)
but inadequate assist for parking maneuvers.  I have wondered about pulling
the belt from the pump, and powering the pump from an add-on 12V motor.  The
idea would be to spin the pump fast enough to get past the parking-lot
problem, but hopefully not spin it as fast as it's normally being spun at
highway speeds.

The two questions I'd have that might prove to be show-stoppers are this:
1)  How much HP would that motor have to be?  No way would I want to be in
the business of adding on a 5 HP DC motor under that hood...and upping the
alternator output by 50A to run it.
2)  Is the interconnection between the power steering and power brakes so
intimate that this should be a "hands off, leave it the way Audi intended
it" system?

1989 200TQ sedan whose PS pump is now liberally coated with the Pentosin
that used to be inside.  New awareness of how much I owe the IRS this year
prohibits doing anything about it.

>Fix the leaks Brett, but don't expect that replacing banjo bolts and
>will alter your parking lot steering response.  Unless you have a bad pump,
>having internally leaking relief or check valves, what you are experiencing
>is the nature of the beast.  Increase engine speed to correct the problem.


>> From: Brett Dikeman <brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net>
>> Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 00:45:38 -0500 (EST)
>> To: Vztante at aol.com
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>> Subject: Re: [200q20v] relay controlling seering boost? It's too light!
>> The 200q20v, especially in parking lots, is an unwieldy beast, especially
>> when stopped; sometimes, the steering just goes completely on the blink,
>> pump groaning away, like I've hit the end lock.  I'm hoping I can have a
>> bunch of the banjo bolts replaced, possibly overhaul the pump w/new
>> orings, and flush the system out.  Going to wider, grippier tires is out
>> of the question until then.
>> Brett

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