jRe: [200q20v] relay controlling seering boost? It's too light!

WARATAP at aol.com WARATAP at aol.com
Mon Mar 5 16:57:15 EST 2001


I wouldn't bother with the add-on electrical motor.  Between finding a motor 
with enough torque, increasing the alternator output to match, and probably 
converting the brakes to vacuum servo assist you'd be out much more money 
than I'd deem 'prudent.'   With the cost of pentosin (believe, me, I KNOW 
(gone through 5 cans recently), I'd rebuild the pump and replace the (surely 
shot) steering damper --oh, wait, you don't have one (Pre '91).  Go to Scott 
Mockry's website and it will show you how to upgrade the 'feel' of your 
steering -- highly recommended upgrade:


'91 200q20v with a few mods...
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