[200q20v] Heater Box Removal: Some progress,more questions

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Tue Mar 6 09:24:24 EST 2001

Bear with me here, folks. I took a thin, narrow bladed putty knife to the
seal between the box and the firewall, mostly along the top. Starting
carefully, and then with more gusto, I used a variety of flat bladed
screwdrivers and started levering the thing loose on the drivers side, where
there is more access. It is moving now, maybe 1/2". 

In the interior, I pulled off the footwell vents, and the big corrogated
rubber central duct vent is loose. Other vents are more problematic. The two
split vertical ones that feed the rear compartment vent are tightest. The
two larger elbows behind (actually, in front) them are a little loose, but
won't really come out. Do I need to remove the two vacuum servos to get in
there, or do the servos come out with the box ( I've already disconnected
the colored vacuum tubing)? No mention in the Bentley about removing them.

I wonder if part of my problem is temperature. It was 22 F working on it
this morning. Adhesives may be more willing to yield if I can get them to
warm up some. 


Tom F.

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