[200q20v] Heater Box Removal: Some progress,more questions

Gary Martin motogo1 at home.com
Tue Mar 6 13:36:19 EST 2001

It sounds like you've got the box loose, but if not check www.urs4.com,
under technical, HVAC, is a write up by yours truely on getting the box
loose by making up a little leverage tool that hooks onto a flange on the
front bottom of the box. This is for an S4, and I know the 200's don't have
a strut brace to use as a leverage point, but it may apply to your case. HTH
91 200 TQW (new to me)
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> Bear with me here, folks. I took a thin, narrow bladed putty knife to the
> seal between the box and the firewall, mostly along the top. Starting
> carefully, and then with more gusto, I used a variety of flat bladed
> screwdrivers and started levering the thing loose on the drivers side,
> there is more access. It is moving now, maybe 1/2".
> In the interior, I pulled off the footwell vents, and the big corrogated
> rubber central duct vent is loose. Other vents are more problematic. The
> split vertical ones that feed the rear compartment vent are tightest. The
> two larger elbows behind (actually, in front) them are a little loose, but
> won't really come out. Do I need to remove the two vacuum servos to get in
> there, or do the servos come out with the box ( I've already disconnected
> the colored vacuum tubing)? No mention in the Bentley about removing them.
> I wonder if part of my problem is temperature. It was 22 F working on it
> this morning. Adhesives may be more willing to yield if I can get them to
> warm up some.
> Thanks
> Tom F.
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