[200q20v] no start problem

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This sounds like a simple dead battery. The clicking noise you hear is the
solenoid trying to activate the starter, but there isn't enough power to do
Good luck
Tom F.

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My car suddenly would not start, the battery gauge is below halfway and i
hear just a clicking sound when starting the engine. the engine won't turn
over. could it be the starter?, the lights would still turn on so i guess
it's not the battery, but the battery gauge is 1/4. the battery is 4 months
i had it towed to Werner's mastertek..., got a message that they are still
charging the battery nearly 4 hours?. I am getting impatient with this shop
because i called them for help when i got stuck and what they advised me is
just to have the car towed there... no trouble shooting advise whatsoever?..
Werner's good it's just the frontliner person that pisses me off saying
"well we will never know until we saw it" - 
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