[200q20v] no start problem

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Wed Mar 7 18:33:37 EST 2001

and here is the bad news, just had a call from werners... they told me the
alternator needs to be replaced, the car would now start after fully
charging the battery.
cost for alternator replacement is around $450 plus towing & initial
diagnosis $130.

 I browse thru Blau and they offer for my cars model & year 1989 audi 200

bosch $235.00 115 amp
          $199.0    90 amp
WAWD/GMG $ 179
Core $75/$100

can i use the 90 amp instead of the 115amp, what's the diff?, what about the
WAWD brand?, is it good.

is it easy to install my self?, or can an ordinary shop/repair can install
it. the labor is killing me.

i had the battery disconnected tonight so as not to discharge the battery
again and take home the car tommorow and do the repair myself. kinda feeling
mcGyver - necessity is the mother of everything.

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> > Thanks, Im just being cautious since replacing the starter would mean
> another
> > $300 pocket drain.
> >  anyway I had the battery charged last week of january when i had a
> > tune-up.... does this means that the alternator is not charging?...
> >
> >  Oliver M. Llenado
> Why did you need the battery charged in January?  I haven't had mine
> "charged" by anything but the alternator since the battery went in 4 years
> ago.
> A shop can evaluate the battery to see if it's holding a charge; might
> be time for a new one.  When the car is running, are you showing 13+ volts
> the dash meter?
> You might have a short in the system slowly draining the battery, or a
> problem with the alternator.
> Mike Arman has a nice writeup on testing/rebuilding alternators on my
> http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/electrical.html
> Start with those tests, and you'll know what to do.   Sounds like a DIY
> battery replacement.
> Chris
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