[200q20v] Alternator replacement

omllenado omllenado at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 7 21:31:08 EST 2001

Can anyone instruct me on replacing the alternator on my 1989 Audi 200?.

is WAWD a good alternator brand? or do i have to stick with bosch?.
Bosch has 2 type of alternator - the 115amp & 90 amp?. I think I read in one article that the 90 amp was used in older 5000 cs & the 200 turbo needs 115amp? is this true?. The WAWD brand does not tell if it is a 90 or 115 amp. 

price for WAWD in Blau is $179 + core charge
for the bosch $235 for the 115 amp/ $199 for the 90 amp.

Oliver M. Llenado

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