[200q20v] RE: Makes you smile (lazy SUV driver get's his)

Paul Royal paulr at bavauto.com
Thu Mar 8 09:21:09 EST 2001

Great news Peter, BTW, with one small correction.  If you want to talk to
these folks they can be found at lazy at assinconsideratejerk.com.  The @ does
not take the place of the A in Ass ;-). BTW, I have no idea how it got there
but I saw a Ford Exploder clear on top of a 10 foot snowbank yesterday
morning.  All vehicles I have spotted off road so far during our snowstorm
have been trucks (includes SUVs).

12RoT (12 Rings of Torture)
1990 Q 20v Sedan
1991 Q 20v Sedan
1991 TQW
(Paul Royal)

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> After two days of digging out of the latest Northeaster (2+ft of snow),my 
> wife and I left for work in opposite directions - she and our son in the 
> TQW, me in the CQ...
> On the way, I passed an new Surburban (chevy SUV) with at least  2+ feet
> of 
> snow still sitting on top, and yup, you guessed it, the driver on the cell
> phone.  One of my biggest pet peeves are lazy drivers such as this one,
> who 
> have total contempt for the poor driver behind them upon which this snow 
> will end up.  My immediate thought was "lazy @ssed inconsiderate jerk" - 
> why don't the police stop these people and right them up for driving to 
> endanger, and driving while impaired?
> I told my wife about this later and she laughed in response.  It turned
> out 
> that the same SUV driver had to stop short.
> ...and ALL of the snow moved forward and ended up in his hood and 
> windshield, totally obstructing his view.
> he had to climb out and properly clean off his car.
> Made my day! ;^)
> Peter Schulz
> 1990 CQ
> 1991 200 20v TQW
> Chelmsford, MA USA
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