[200q20v] Alternator Replacement? Upgragde!

Dale McCormack dale at themccormacks.org
Thu Mar 8 08:36:12 EST 2001

As long as the subject of alternator replacement has arisen, here's my
A qlister, Avi Meron, offers both regulator and complete alternator
upgrades (as well as blower fans, et. al.) that produce additional
wattage at lower engine speeds.  With the 100 amp alternator that most
of us already have we usually don't really need more charging power, but
his upgrade cost is very competitive with Auto Parts store replacement
costs, providing a stronger alternator to boot!

Check him out by contacting him: avi at cosmoslink.net for current info. 
Also, I think I'd trust Avi's complete rebuild of an alternator more
than the "move 'em in and out as fast as possible" production line
rebuilders that supply the major auto supply houses.

I've used his fully upgraded alternator on a 200 for several troublefree

Happy Motoring,

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