[200q20v] Don't replace that alternator!

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that's exatly my concern at first. the shop "werners mastertek" specializes
in audis, but 'am worried and have some trust concern with their service
officer(not actually a mechanic), he's been bugging me of having lots of
things done to the car,
well if i would go with all his recommendations i would definetely shell out
around $2,000 to $3,000.
he always says that it could be a lot of different things that could be
busted... huh?, he's always giving a generalized idea, i spoke to the
mechanic and he's also in the twilight zone, and he works slow too as the
service officer confirms.
the labor costs 150% more than the parts cost.

werner's a good shop.. i think, it's just that i have some concerns with the
one's that i talked to.

btw 'am pulling out the car from them, they just charged the battery and now
the car would start, so it's a dead battery due to a defective alternator
or/ wirings, I'll check the wirings first and do a start remove the negative
battery connection to test if the alternator is really busted.
wish me luck.

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> Oliver,
> Unless that shop REALLY knows the 200 Quattro, they might have
> the problem.  I'm a little surprised nobody else has mentioned this up to
> this point, because the topic's been discussed here by several people who
> were taken for an alternator when they didn't need one.
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> Good advice.  BTW, I did mention this stuff in my reply yesterday...
> Chris
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