[200q20v] Re:Strut Brace Details

George Sidman sidman at montereynet.net
Thu Mar 8 12:51:56 EST 2001

Upon further measurement last night, there is indeed some
additional clearance, at least in my car, for the strut
brace to be mounted higher, but not quite enough to
completely clear the plenum forward flange. I placed a 40
inch length of half inch EMT across the flange, with the
weatherstrip removed. I then spotted it with thin dollops of
putty, which were sprinkled with blue chalk, and shut the
bonnet. It closed with no apparent interference. Upon
opening it up I found chalk marks across the hood and liner.
The clearances are too tight, and the possibility of
contact, etc. too great. So, once again, Bernie is right
(siiiigh) and some notching will be required. 

I still intend to use something other than EMT, and will
probably float the rod ends off the washer a bit. I am now
investigating what it would cost to send the assembly out to
have it gilded............
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