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Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Thu Mar 8 16:32:50 EST 2001

George, It sounds like you're coming around, half way there anyway.

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> Subject: [200q20v] Re:Strut Brace Details
> Upon further measurement last night, there is indeed some
> additional clearance, at least in my car, for the strut
> brace to be mounted higher, but not quite enough to
> completely clear the plenum forward flange. I placed a 40
> inch length of half inch EMT across the flange, with the
> weatherstrip removed. I then spotted it with thin dollops of
> putty, which were sprinkled with blue chalk, and shut the
> bonnet. It closed with no apparent interference. Upon
> opening it up I found chalk marks across the hood and liner.
> The clearances are too tight, and the possibility of
> contact, etc. too great. So, once again, Bernie is right
> (siiiigh) and some notching will be required.
George, I'd check your measurements too.  What suprises me is the sudden
interest in the Benz Brace.  Where have you guys been since I first
disclosed the design to you in Nov '99?
> I still intend to use something other than EMT, and will
> probably float the rod ends off the washer a bit. I am now
> investigating what it would cost to send the assembly out to
> have it gilded............
Why not just slop body undercoating on it to damp the resonant vibrations?
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