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Don't know anything about the quality of said WAWD brand of alternator.  Personally, I'd stick with the known factor (Bosch) and wouldn't go using an alternator that is not rated at the correct amperage for the vehicle.  Wrong amperage might lead you right back to were you are with a no charge holding battery.  As far as replacement, it's simple.  Had mine out when  I did the timing belt and it was a simple matter of removal and instalation.  If the car is at a shop right now, maybe look at having them do it, be suprised if it's 45 minutes shop time, and that added hassle of bringing the car home to do the work yourself probably isn't worth it (not in my book anyways).

Derek P

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Can anyone instruct me on replacing the alternator on my 1989 Audi 200?.

is WAWD a good alternator brand? or do i have to stick with bosch?.
Bosch has 2 type of alternator - the 115amp & 90 amp?. I think I read in =
one article that the 90 amp was used in older 5000 cs & the 200 turbo =
needs 115amp? is this true?. The WAWD brand does not tell if it is a 90 =
or 115 amp.=20

price for WAWD in Blau is $179 + core charge
for the bosch $235 for the 115 amp/ $199 for the 90 amp.

Oliver M. Llenado

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